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Your event means a lot to you – we know this! Be it corporate event management or a family celebration, we understand the need to deliver amazing moments for your event.
But a successful, result-driven event has an array of intricacies behind it which need to be dealt skillfully. In this age of competition, only professionals can be relied upon for event management consultation servicesBelvedere Entertainment is a company run by expert musicians & event planners in Los Angeles. We have mastered the art of planning, organizing and managing the events in order to deliver incredible performances.

How can our Event Consultation Services in Los Angeles help you?


Any event includes plenty of logistics and operational challenges, we know navigating these hurdles by yourself can be daunting. With our event management consultation and event consulting, we help you bring your vision to life without the stress.

Our event consultation services can assist you with:


Tailoring song selections
Cueing coordinating performance
Event speaker management
Integrating Design with Performance
Sound & Lighting Design

Event Planning with Los Angeles Experts


The framework of an event consists of the mission, vision, and theme of the event. These components vary from one event to another but are exactly what makes each one unlike another. By identifying your event goals and concepts/themes, we will create a tailored program that will bring your event to life.

We also focus to identify:


Key Members of Your Team
Song Selection, Program Development
Entertainment Options
Desired Guest Experience

Thousands of events are created every day but the events which are remembered the most are the events which are created the right way to create lasting memories. Call us now (310-425-9219) for consultation.

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