We all know the band or DJ at your wedding can make or break the atmosphere of the reception. Before hiring a band or a DJ, you should do little research and make a list of questions for your wedding band.
Here is a list of questions we’ve compiled for you that you can ask your wedding band or DJ to find out whether they are a perfect fit for you or not.

1. Ask about the style of the band.

You’ll want to know the style of the band you’re hiring to make sure they’re exactly what you’re looking for. For example, a purely hard rock band probably isn’t the best choice if you want your guests to be dancing all night long. Before hiring Wedding Band in Los Angeles ask about their style.

2. Ask the band if you can listen to them perform.

If there is any chance you can see the band perform live before you hire them then you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before they show up for your wedding.

3. What extra gear does the band need and who will be providing it?

Live Wedding Bands in Los Angeles may need additional gear like a generator, extension cords, and other supplies. Ask them beforehand what they will need and who will arrange them; you or the band

4. Can the band fulfill your special requests?

Many people have special requests for their bands like traditional or religious music. Make sure that the band you hire is able to accommodate those requests and how much extra they might charge to do so.

5. How many musicians are in the band? How many musicians can we hire?

If you are hiring a DJ, ask them if they work alone or with a partner. If you are hiring a Destination Wedding Band Los Angeles, ask them how many musicians are available in their band and how many vocalists available. Occasionally you will be able to make special requests in this regard.

6. If there are any special instrument rental needs who will facilitate those?

Ask your wedding band or DJ what instruments they will bring, and if you require the rental of any specific instruments or gear who you will procure those from. Also, ask if there are any instruments/gear that can be hidden if you’re concerned that your wedding venue is going to look like an electronics store.

7. Do they use lighting or any special effects?

Some professional Live Band in Los Angeles bring special lighting and special effects with them. If they bring lighting effects, who will set them up and ask if there is an extra fee for lighting or effect?

8. Who will do all the necessary setup?

Most professional live bands in Los Angeles have a technician who will arrive early on the wedding day to set up the gear. Ask the band or DJ the name of the technician and when he/she will come to set up. You’ll need this info to give to the venue coordinator.

9. How will the entertainment know if things are getting too loud?

Most weddings will have guests from all age groups. You might need to exercise some volume control to make it comfortable everyone. So ask them how they ensure comfortable sound levels for all.

10. Do they have dress codes?

A professional band or DJ will usually have several choices in terms of dress. So ask what type of attire they will wear and also let them know your preference.

11. How many hours they will perform?

Ask them how many hours they will play and how many breaks they will take.

12. What is the protocol for song requests?

If you or any of your guests have any specific song requests, make sure your live band or DJ receives them early enough before the big day to easily accommodate them.

13. Is there an emcee provided?

A master of ceremonies, or emcee, is essentially the voice of your wedding reception and will facilitate introductions, moves the schedule along, communicates with the band, etc. Ask your band or DJ whether they will come with an emcee or not.

14. How many weddings do they usually play per year?

Identify how experienced a band or DJ is before doing an agreement them. Ask how many years they’ve been working in the industry and how many weddings they play per year.

15. What does the band’s current calendar look like?

Ask the band whether they have another wedding gig booked close before or soon after your wedding or not. You’ll want to know their schedule beforehand to avoid any scheduling issues.

16. Do they have any sick day policies?

It’s natural to get sick. So ask the band or DJ if an essential musician gets sick what is their policy on that.

17. Ask them to show their liability insurance.

Ask them to show their liability insurance. A professional band or DJ must have liability insurance.

18. In the case of equipment malfunction, what’s the backup plan?

Unexpected issues may arise and an equipment malfunction may occur any time. So ask them what is their backup plan for an equipment malfunction.

19. Is there any cancellation policy?

You’ll want to inquire about their cancellation policy. You’ll want to know what to expect if the date of the wedding changes or you have changed your mind about the music, or anything else that might effect the musicians involvement in your wedding. Be clear on their cancellation policy.

20. How they make the shy crowd dance?

Ask the band how they motivate a shy crowd to dance. Choose a band or DJ who’s confident in their ability to do so.

21. What is their specialty?

Every band or DJ has some specialty. So ask them and be sure whether their specialty will work for your wedding or not.

22. Are the recordings on the band’s website live performances or recorded in a studio?

Most bands and DJ’s websites contain promotional content. Ask them whether the content consists of live performances or if they’re studio recordings and if they modify or enhance the sound quality or not.

23. Do they perform live or to tracks?

Ask them whether they perform with pre-recorded tracks or not. If you do not like pre-recorded tracks, then you should go for a band who performs everything live.

24. How they read the crowd and how they take requests.

A band needs to read the crowd and occasionally take song requests to satisfy the crowds needs. So ask the band or DJ how they handle spontaneous song requests and how they read the crowd.

25. Can they provide a setlist in advance?

A professional band has a rich and varied song list to choose from. Ask them whether they will provide the specific set list for your wedding in advance so you know what you can expect to hear.