When preparing your wedding entertainment plan, you will likely come across a lot of myths regarding wedding music. Try not to feed into them and learn the facts about wedding music below.

Here are the top 10 wedding music myth you need to know.

1. DJs talk too often.

It’s a common myth about DJs that they talk too much. The real truth is a good DJ will only talk when it’s appropriate. Before hiring a DJ, see if you can watch a live performance. You will get the idea of whether he or she talks too much or not. And during the wedding, don’t bother the DJ again and again to announce something. Let the DJ do his or her job.

2. Bands take too many breaks.

It’s a common misconception that bands take breaks too often. Bands usually take 15-20 minutes to break after each 40-45 minute set. These breaks are necessary, but you can talk to your Wedding Band Los Angeles directly regarding the break duration to see if there’s some flexibility there. To get your band to forgo their breaks will likely incur a costly extra fee.

3. DJs tend to play cheesy tunes.

Another myth regarding DJs is they tend to play cheesy tunes. But the truth is your DJ wants to play what you like to hear. Great communication is the key in achieving this. Communicate with your DJ and give them an idea about what you like to hear. You and your other half can also provide a playlist of your choice if your DJ is receptive to that. You can also give a “do-not-play” playlist so he or she can avoid those songs.

4. You are the leader so control everything!

No, you’re not! You can provide certain requests to your DJ, but don’t try to control everything they play or do. Let the DJ mix the music on his or her own. A professional DJ has plenty of experience doing this and knows how to keep people on the dance floor. Please let them do their job.

5. Bands love line dances.

It’s not always true. Some bands may love line dances, but that’s not the case for all bands. Every band has a unique style. So before making your choice of who to hire, watch some of their media to get the idea on how they will perform. You can also talk to Live Wedding Bands in Los Angeles regarding the style of their performance so you’ll know what to expect.

6. A band is so much more traditional and has less variety than a DJ.

People tend to say that a band can’t offer variety. But the truth is a professional band like Destination Wedding Band Los Angeles can offer an in-depth, high-quality and dynamic performances. If a band has both a male and female vocalist it’s likely that they can cover a vast array of styles and repertoire. So when hiring a Band for your Wedding in Los Angeles ask them whether they have both male and female vocalist or not.

7. DJ’s are cheap.

It’s true that a DJ costs less compared to a band, but it’s not cheap. A professional DJ is still going to charge a significant amount of money to play a wedding. Exceptional performances demand exceptional price tags.

8. Just hire a bar band and it’ll be just as good.

Hiring a bar band is not a good idea! Most bar bands don’t have near enough experience and professionalism to play a wedding. Hiring a night club/bar oriented DJ or band is always risky because the environment is different and the can ruin the party if they do not have the proper experience.

9. You can’t have both DJ and Band at your wedding.

It’s not true. You can have them both if your budget permits. The DJ and Band will divide their time accordingly. Also, many bands offer DJ services at an additional cost as a package. So you can have both a DJ and a band at your wedding party if you really want to.

10. For every slow song there needs to be a fast song.

Many couples think that bands have to play the slow, classic songs first to appease the older guests, and the faster songs will come later so that young guests can rock the dance floor. Sometimes it works, but its usually better to mix them up. You can tell your band or DJ to mix slow and fast songs in a way that will keep all wedding guests engaged in your reception.