A wedding is a big day for all of us. Everyone wants to make the day beautiful, enjoyable and memorable. To make the big day memorable having a wedding band at the wedding is a great idea. A top-notch wedding band can make sure you dance on your big day!

Since the wedding is family gathering, brides and grooms always try to maximize the enjoyment. They want to make sure that their family & closest friends get a little sweaty on the dance floor.

Belvedere Entertainment is an infamous Los Angeles Wedding Band for making people dance and we have some top-notch tricks to make sure you dance on your wedding day and your friends and family have a blast too! As a popular Live Wedding Band in Los Angeles, Belvedere Entertainment has the inside scoop for awesome dance parties.

You may have your favorite songs that you would love to hear at your wedding, but it’s not always true that everyone will share your preferences. Choosing songs from the B side of the record will only work if you, the bride & groom, are out there dancing too, but that can only be sustained for so long. Let your wedding band do what they do best. Every party needs those essential feel-good songs that they have memories of, like Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” or “Shout” by the Isley Brothers. Getting everyone in the room singing and dancing together is one key ingredient to keeping the dance floor on fire.

As a premier Wedding Band company in Los Angeles, we have the experience to know which songs can rock the night. Trust your entertainment company & have faith that their experience of performing thousands of events can also help guide you to an awesome wedding that will create lasting memories for years to come. Our goal is to always walk into the room, rock the dance floor and leave your guests wanting more.