Belvedere, a premier Los Angeles Wedding Band knows a few things, but if there is one at the top of the list, it’s how to keep people dancing! Here are a couple pointers

Keep The Dance Floor In The Same Room

A Live Wedding Band in Los Angeles will usually suggest couples to keep the dance floor on the same floor and the same room as the dinner table & bar, not separate. Keeping the dance floor on the same floor as the dinner will allow easier transitions and a better overall flow, which will help your guests join the dance floor without hesitation.

Allow Your Wedding Band To Read The Crowd

Give freedom to your Los Angeles Wedding Band to rock the night. Don’t send more song requests than can be played in a 6 hour timeframe, give them your top 20 and allow room for a human connection to happen. A song you love may not be able to rock the crowd. Timing is everything, since the band performs on a regular basis, they will know what will work and won’t.

Make sure your song requests convey your tastes & vision, while simultaneously allowing your band to pivot in order to maximize the enjoyment.

Make sure You DANCE! People came to celebrate with You

Keep in mind that you’re the main attraction of the night and everyone will be looking for their moment with you. So make sure you are dancing because it ensures your guests will dance too. A Live Wedding Band in Los Angeles will rock you when you go to the dance floor and invite your guest to join the dance too.